Board Members

The Foundation for Community Driven Innovation is managed by an all-volunteer board.

Steve 2Steve Willingham: A Systems Engineer by trade, Steve has been the key team leader on a wide variety of government projects for satellite communications, civil aviation, manned space flight, and commercial venues including insurance, financial services, medical technology, and accounting. Steve is the concept and design architect behind Tampa Bay’s precedent setting 10,000 sq. ft. public makerspace at the John F. Germany Library, and has served as Judge Advisor for FIRST Tech Challenge youth robotics programs in Florida. Steve is the co-owner of Eureka Factory.


TerriTerri Willingham:  Terri is  Regional Director for FIRST STEM education programs in Central Florida, guiding the development and sustainability of K-12 youth robotics teams.  A professional writer, Terri is the author of two books on health, and recent co-author of the book, Makerspaces in Libraries (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015), her work focused on helping empower individuals to live and learn in meaningful, personally fulfilling and socially productive ways.



JoAnnJoAnn Fitzpatrick:  Creative Director at RealValidation, and owner of Studio 7 Communications, JoAnn is a graphic design and web developer, as well as a photographer and entrepreneur, with over 20 years experience in web and print design. She coaches FTC Team Duct Tape .




ChuckChuck Stephens:  Chuck is a local artist, maker and technologist. He creates art with stencils and various techniques, builds electronic and acoustic instruments, builds small boats and maintains historic bungalows across central Tampa. He has a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving and creation. His main design credo is ‘recycle, reuse, repurpose and reimagine’.  Chuck mentors FIRST teams throughout the area and works as a consultant to libraries on creative programming.



Kirk 2Kirk Malone:  Kirk is  Account Executive and former President of TAB Products Co, LLC, a document management company.  Enthusiastic and a highly motivated team player, most recently Kirk had the opportunity to own his own business selling products and services to commercial and government accounts which he ultimately sold in 2013 and remained on as a consultant. He is an active community volunteer and FIRST mentor.